Masters in Business Administration

No of seat: 30 | Course duration: 2yrs

Masters in Business Administration

MIIT-shall offer a two year (4 semesters) full time University affiliated MBA program. The program aims at providing young thinking minds the power to shape their thoughts and develop appropriate skills for management decision making.

We believe that MIIT MBA would be special in several ways :

The MBA program goes beyond theory by giving you the opportunity to put into practice all that you have learned in a strategic consulting project for a client organisation or your employer. A series of organisation-based assignments also encourages you to translate your learning into action throughout the programme.

Small classes ensure you benefit from individual attention and an interactive learning style. Classroom sessions are highly participative, favouring an exchange of ideas and information to enrich peer group learning.

The world of business is not a tidy arrangement of subjects. The reality is that issues cut across the business and across functions: and that is how we approach teaching at MIIT. The MIIT MBA is not delivered in functional silos; it takes an integrated and thematic view of business – mirroring the issues that preoccupy managers across the globe today.

We recognise that experienced managers learn best in a variety of ways. MIIT does not rely on any one pedagogical tool, such as the case study method. We use lectures, facilitated discussions, experiential learning, psychometric instruments, one-to-one coaching, e-learning, live cases, simulations, consulting assignments, guest speakers, self-managed learning and organizational visits. This ensures participants leave the MBA PROGRAM as an ‘all-rounder’ in the learning process, having developed capabilities for lifelong learning.