Electrical Engineering is one of the core branche along with Civil & Mechanical Engineering. Owing to tremendous growth in the Power sector in India and abroad, the demand of Electrical Engineers has been on the rise. Now a days, Electrical Machines (such as Motors & Generators) and Power in Transmission lines is controlled by Power Electronics devices (such as Thyristors, GTO,s etc.). Due to this reason, need of Electrical & Electronics Engineering branch is generated in last few years. To fulfill the growing demand in this field the Institute offers B.Tech. degree course in Electrical & Electronics Engineering, which is a four year engineering degree programme of Gautam Budh Technical University(Lucknow)/Mahamaya Technical University (Noida). The undergraduate program provides rigorous analytical studies along with realistic practical solutions.

Electronic & Electrical Engineering Department : The department has 7 labs namely
Electrical Engineering Lab
Network Lab
Measurement Lab
Electrical Machine Lab
Electrical Simulation Lab

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